A delightful story, suitable for all ages.
Conny OlssonPerth. WA

I have just finished reading Stargazer to the play group that I look after.  They were absolutely enthralled at the journey of this adorable rabbit! After we chatted about it I got them to draw pictures from the story.  It was a fabulous exercise.  Thank you Stargarzer!
I highly recommend this book!

Michaela EntonTeacherQueensland

“Like many people my age, I spent my childhood reading books like THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE, the FAMOUS FIVE, the SECRET SEVEN and the ADVENTURES OF THE WISHING CHAIR … true classics loved by millions of kids all over the world, written by one woman – Enid Blyton.

I don’t know how else to describe the energy of STARGAZER, a simple heart-felt story told with such love and dedication, except to say that it reminds me warmly of Enid’s books. The simplicity, innocence and the underlying message – it’s just all so charming and captivating.

Patricia Olsson has done what many authors try to do, but fail. She’s captured old world charm, mixed it up with a touch of fantasy and mystery – and presented it all in a modern format for real children. With all the knowledge and spiritual understanding bombarding our kids today, it’s so refreshing to find an author who actually knows what it means to inspire a child’s imagination.

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